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2015 Beobash

If you are attending SC15 this year don't forget the Beowulf Bash -- the best event of the show. While last year's bead throwing SC14 Beowulf Bash parade sets the bar rather high, this year we want to continue creating Beobash history with a mechanical bull riding contest!

While we realize that mechanical bull riding is not the sport of HPC champions, what else can we do, we are in Austin Texas! This is a once in a lifetime chance to drink beer and injure yourself without going to jail or having to explain what happened to your co-workers the next day.

Practice is important: Here is a tip to help you get ready for the event. Stand up. Place cushions on the floor around you. Fall down hard. Repeat. And remember, grip is important.

See y'all in Austin!

Our first SC15 news is from Jeff Squyres of the Open MPI project.

"We're about T-1 month away from the Open MPI State of the Union BOF at SC'15. It's at 12:15pm on Wednesday, 18 Nov, 2015, in room 18C/D:

As usual, since we only have an hour in the BOF, we like to capture some of your questions ahead of time. Please submit any questions you have about Open MPI, its roadmap, etc., on this quick form:

We hope to see you there!"

Check back for more SC15 news and the Beowulf Bash announcement.

You can rest easy. The party that started with warm beer and stale pretzels is back. That's right, the 2014 Beowulf Bash is on the calendar. This year we tried to tone down the flash and mark the 20th anniversary of the Beowulf Cluster with reverence and respect toward Thomas Sterling and Don Becker. We couldn't do it.

You can find all the details, the generous vendors, and the usual snarky invitation here. Pay attention to those footnotes.

Mark your calendar. On October 13-14, a workshop entitled 20 Years of Beowulf will be held in Annapolis. MD. The workshop will mark the 20th anniversary of the introduction of commodity (AKA Beowulf) clusters, an architectural approach to creating parallel computers using mostly or entirely commodity components and open source system software. The initial target of the Beowulf cluster project was inexpensive, small to moderate parallel computing platforms; the Beowulf approach was extremely successful and adopted worldwide by teams ranging from high-school students to senior scientists. The Beowulf approach is now the basis of most of the world’s most powerful computers as well.

The workshop will also celebrate the 65th birthday of Thomas Sterling, who has made major contributions over his career (so far), including playing a key role in conceiving and implementing commodity cluster computing (aka Beowulf), HPC architecture, run time systems, and exascale systems.

More details at InsideHPC.

ImageIf you are heading out to SC11 this year don't forget to attend the best event at the show. That is right, the 2011 Beowulf Bash And Cephalopod Festival is back again this year -- bigger and better than last year.

Date and Time: Monday, November 14, 2011 - 9 p.m.
Place: Seattle Aquarium 1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59
Directions: see the invite

A special thanks to our community of sponsors!

Note: It is not too late to sponsor, contact Xand Marketing. If you cannot attend, you can still read the witty invitation.


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