The following are clusters and programming books. Where possible the description includes a brief review. Some books are out of print, but you may still find used copies. If you have a book you would like to add to the list please let us know.

These are links to some of the freely available software needed to transform raw hardware into a working cluster.

The following are links to general cluster information and to many other cluster related sites. We have tried to include only those sites that are active and have updated/working links.

Looking for information about clusters and HPC. We have assembled some links to publicly available surveys and polls. Some are more scientific than others.

A few Linux resources. There are more you can count.

These links are to CDROMs that allow booting a cluster "on top of" an exiting OS (Windows) without touching the underlying OS. They should be helpful for those that want to experiment with clusters or have dual use systems.

The following are books and packages that allow you to write parallel programs using MPI and PVM.


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