Want to write programs for a cluster? Here is your chance. MPI implementer and cluster workhorse Jeff Squyres guides you through the nuances of writing MPI programs with a set of outstanding tutorials. Unlike other MPI tutorials, Jeff addresses cluster issues and optimizations. Just dive in, you don't even need a cluster to get started.

Why Simulate An ABI? Portability!

The MPI standard specifies a programming-interface (API), not a binary interface (ABI). This API allows applications to be compiled against any (standard-conforming) MPI-implementation without any changes to the source-code.

Once compiled against a specific MPI implementation however, the application also needs to be launched using the launch-scripts that come with this particular MPI-implementation. Switching to another launching-mechanism requires the user to relink the application to the corresponding MPI-library. In general, this re-linking is not possible without first recompiling the application, because different MPI-implementations are not guaranteed to be binary compatible.

Does MPI mean Many Possible Interconnects?

Have you ever searched for "MPI" on EBay? It's fantastic! You can buy cars, pens, deuterium lamps, PVC piping, power transformers - all with MPI! I offer this as proof positive to the message passing naysayers: with MPI integrated into all of these common, real-world products, MPI is here to stay!

Pardon me; I have to go place some bids...

Progress is good, so they say

My mother called me the other day, tremendously concerned. "Are you going to get sued?" she demanded. "Are you going to have to pay a fine, or go to jail?"

"Err... Mom, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"That 'work' you do. I heard on the radio today that the recording industry is suing hundreds of people for illegally downloading music on the Internet."

After a long conversation detailing the difference between MP3 files and MPI, my mom is still convinced that I'm going to jail.

(my [real] mother insists that I provide the following disclaimer: the above story is entirely fictional; she's mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore)

Answers to this and other questions that keep you up at night.

We are the MPI. You will be assimilated. Your code and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile. Your code will run everywhere... won't it?

Spawnworthy? Who are these people?

I like March - a month of celebration. It's the time when everyone around the world unites in joy and praise. Songs, dancing, pot-luck dinners, t-shirts, etc. I'm speaking of Pi Day, of course - on 3/14. In case you missed it this year, don't forget Pi Approximation Day is fast approaching. In honor of this number, I suggest all HPC users should contribute to the Pi revelry by computing and reciting as much of Pi as possible. What better way to do this than to optimize approximate computations of Pi in parallel? Hint: the first three digits are in this paragraph.


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