Writing programs for a cluster is different. Unlike writing code for a single computer, clusters require you to orchestrate a loosely coupled collections of processors. Fortunately we have some resources for those who want to learn how to program a cluster.

  • Step-by-Step - MPI (Message Passing Interface) unlocks the power of the cluster. Join MPI implementer Jeff Squyres as he guides you though MPI programming with his MPI Monkey column. This unique tutorial is focused on clusters. A Cluster Monkey exclusive.
  • Writing Parallel Programs - Before you start writing (or converting) your application, take a look at Pavel Telegin's Parallel Programming column. Be aware that there is some math involved, but understanding the issues before your code will make a big difference.
  • Basic Cluster Concepts - Take a look at Robert Brown's Getting Started With Clusters. Robert leads you through the basics in a step by step fashion and also mentions the PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) library.
  • Deep Dive - Looking for background on the latest trends and products? Check out the programming topics in our Deep Dive section. The background (and links) you need to understand the HPC universe.

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