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Here is where the rubber meets the road, the wheat is separated from the chafe, the hard questions get answered. Clusters are all about performance and getting the best bang for your buck. Join us as we go under the hood and look at the power plants that are driving HPC today.

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Getting the data where it needs to go is only half the story. getting it there quickly and with minimal latency is the issue with clusters. Whether it is one byte or a gigabyte, interconnects are the get the work done.

Choosing cluster hardware can be difficult without some real application data and experience. Our hardware reviews will try and offer some insights into today's hardware choices.

We list all the books on clusters we could find. We even read most of these books. Where we felt qualified, we provide a short review.

Not only are we going to provide the benchmark numbers, we also provide the benchmark methods and techniques. How is that for service. Now you can run your own benchmarks.


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