If you are new to the whole cluster computing thing, you have come the right place. It may seem daunting at first, but things are much easier than they used to be. Here are some links points that will help get started:

  • Understanding of Cluster Concepts - Take a look at Robert Brown's Getting Started With Clusters. Robert leads you through the basics in a step by step fashion.
  • Useful Web Links - We also have a Links Page where we collected the essential links to get you started. There are even links to "instant cluster" CD's and cluster/HPC survey information. We have also included those thinks we found to be both up-to-date and provide good launch points for further exploration.
  • Beowulf Mailing List Summaries - If you want to read about some of the discussions about clusters you can consult our Best of The Beowulf List column where we summarize the mailing list discussions.
  • Cluster Projects - For the hands on type, we have and on-going Cluster Projects where you can actually build a small working cluster for less than $2500.
  • Cluster Opinions - You may also find our Cluster Opinions useful to help understand the "big picture" issues facing cluster users today.
  • Deep Dive - Looking for background on the latest trends and products? Check out the Deep Dive section. The background (and links) you need to understand the HPC universe.

You can also find other interesting articles in the following sections.

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