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If you live or work in the New York/North Jersey Metropolitan area, the NYCA-HUG (New York City Area HPC Users Group) will be hosting Linux supercomputer vendor SiCortex at our May meeting. (Thursday, May 1 from 7-9PM). SiCortex Catapult 72 Processor Desktop They plan on bringing one of their seventy two core/processor Catapult desktop systems to the Le Figaro Cafe in Greenwich Village. The Catapult, is a true Linux parallel/cluster machine that provides the user with 72 processors with a power draw of only 250Watts. (It can be plugged into a standard electrical service, like those found in the back of a Cafe in Greenwich Village).

When was the last time you had 72 processors at your disposal to create your killer app! For more information, see the NYCA-HUG page. The is meeting will

Attending ISC in Dresden, Germany? Want to learn about CUDA? Don't know what all the acronyms mean?

Then maybe you should attend the Free Tutorial: Tutorial on High Performance Computing with CUDA™ sponsored by NVIDIA® on June 16 (the day before the International Supercomputing Conference). Conveniently held at the Convention Center Dresden, Germany Monday, June 16, 2008 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Learn about its advanced uses in science and engineering, and hear case studies from academic and industrial researchers. You need to register in advance. The tutorial is free of charge.

Note: This event is being held before ISC begins and as such is not affiliated with the ISC conference. Attendees do not need to register for the conference.

It is that time again. SC07 is here. Of course everyone is trying to get the skinny on all the cool parties. Well look no further, because here are some of the places where the Cluster Set will be hanging out this year.

Monday Night (November 12) after the Gayla you don't want to miss the SC07 LECCIBG pool tournament (pool playing is not required). Those of you that have attended these in the past know the drill. Most people usually don't get arrested. Check out the cool invite.

Tuesday Night (November 13) The equally infamous Annual Beowulf Bash will be held at Third Street Blues in downtown Reno from 6-8pm. The club is close to several of the conference hotels, but you'll need one of the conference shuttle buses from the Sparks convention center. The address is 3rd Street Blues, 125 W 3rd St, Reno, NV Next to the ElDorado Casino, (on-street parking readily available). And let's not forget the sponsors: Penguin/Scyld, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Terascala.

The geographically challenged San Francisco Bay Area Beowulf Users Group (BayBUG) would like to invite everyone to attend an exclusive SC06 panel discussion before the BeoBash (Tuesday November 14th) entitled The Commercialization of Open Source - for better or worse? Panelists:
  • Donald Becker, CTO of Penguin Computing, Beowulf cluster co-inventor
  • Thomas Sterling, Faculty Associate, Center for Advanced Computing Research, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Beowulf cluster co-inventor
  • Mike Fitzmaurice, HPC Technologist at GTSI Corp.
The panel will run from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m and be held at the Rock-N-Sports Bar and Grille. The BeoBash starts afterward at 6:00PM, so come early and listen to these guys. Someone said they know something about Beowulf clusters and open software. We'll see. Oh, and by the way, they found some Monkey to moderate. Don't forget the LECCIBG Monday night. Because Tuesday morning you will want to.

For directions to the Rock-N-Sports Bar and Grille see the BeoBash notice.

From the shameless plug department

Wondering about those Intel Quad-cores? You know those things called Clovertowns (soon to be known as the 5300 series.) If you are not thinking about such things, you probably should be because multi-core is here for the second time. (get it).

For the last month or so I have been poking, prodding, and running two dual socket quad-core 1U nodes from Appro. That is 16 cores total. The nodes are connected by GigE and Mellanox Infiniband. So what did I find?


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