If you live or work in the New York/North Jersey Metropolitan area, the NYCA-HUG (New York City Area HPC Users Group) will be hosting Linux supercomputer vendor SiCortex at our May meeting. (Thursday, May 1 from 7-9PM). SiCortex Catapult 72 Processor Desktop They plan on bringing one of their seventy two core/processor Catapult desktop systems to the Le Figaro Cafe in Greenwich Village. The Catapult, is a true Linux parallel/cluster machine that provides the user with 72 processors with a power draw of only 250Watts. (It can be plugged into a standard electrical service, like those found in the back of a Cafe in Greenwich Village).

When was the last time you had 72 processors at your disposal to create your killer app! For more information, see the NYCA-HUG page. The is meeting will

About NYCA-HUG: The NYCA-HUG (New York City Area HPC Users Group) is a group of computer enthusiasts with a common interest in High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters. We hold a meeting the first Thursday of every month where we discuss topics of interest to group members.

To find out more and to join the discussion of other community members please join the NYCA-HUG Mailing List. The mailing list is intended to support the discussions started at these meetings (and elsewhere).

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