It is that time again. SC07 is here. Of course everyone is trying to get the skinny on all the cool parties. Well look no further, because here are some of the places where the Cluster Set will be hanging out this year.

Monday Night (November 12) after the Gayla you don't want to miss the SC07 LECCIBG pool tournament (pool playing is not required). Those of you that have attended these in the past know the drill. Most people usually don't get arrested. Check out the cool invite.

Tuesday Night (November 13) The equally infamous Annual Beowulf Bash will be held at Third Street Blues in downtown Reno from 6-8pm. The club is close to several of the conference hotels, but you'll need one of the conference shuttle buses from the Sparks convention center. The address is 3rd Street Blues, 125 W 3rd St, Reno, NV Next to the ElDorado Casino, (on-street parking readily available). And let's not forget the sponsors: Penguin/Scyld, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Terascala.

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