Summer School Again!

The following was posted by Charlie Peck of the SC Education Program on the Beowulf Mailing List. I thought it is a really good idea. If HPC is going to grow, we need to teach domain experts how to use it. Pass this on.

The SuperComputing (SC) Education Program is a year-long program working with undergraduate faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate) to integrate computational science and high performance computing and communications technologies highlighted through the SC Conference into the preparation of future scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians and teachers.

The SC Education Program hosts about 10 week-long workshops each summer covering a variety of topics in parallel and distributed computing and computational thinking, and computational {biology, chemistry, physics, engineering}. The workshops are primarily funded through the SC conference series, attendees are only responsible for their travel and a fully refunded registration deposit.

Information about each workshop and registration are available here Registration is now open.

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