Last year by this time, Jeff Layton had a full summary of the first day. Quite frankly I'm not sure how he does it. I am sad to report that Jeff is out of commission for the first part of the week and that means I'm going to be reporting on things for now. The in-depth report will have to wait until later this week, however, I can give a few tidbits.

First, if you are at the show, come by the SC08 Music Room on Wednesday at 2:30PM to see Walt Ligon (of PVFS frame) perform. Those attending the Beowulf Bash had a preview last night, so I'm looking forward to tomorrows performance.

Speaking of the Beowulf Bash -- it was a great time (thanks sponsors). We must have had over 400 people and some fun with the dueling piano players. I'll be posting pictures soon. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Lara laying on the piano.

Here is an SC moment. So I'm sitting at an empty table writing this update and a guy comes up with an extension cord. I look up and it is none other than Joel Adams of the Microwulf project. Right now Microwulf is sitting 3 feet from me and Joel is getting ready to give a presentation on Microwulf as part of the SC08 Education Program.

That is all for now, check back later for more news and a ClusterMonkey exclusive announcement!

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