Proud Mary will be proud once again

It is that time of year when HPC mavens flock to big show; SC10. And, as has become the tradition the Beowulf Bash is also heading down the river, in a good way. This year we are calling it the The Big Wheels Keep On Turning Beowulf Bash.

We will be holding the party on a real Mississippi river boat! The party starts at 9PM (after the opening Galya) on Monday, November 15th. Directions and all the details are at the link above or on the collectors version of the totally awesome invitation (pdf).Beobash sponsor This event has become one of the most well attended after show parties in recent years. Come see what all the excitement is about.

We wish to thank the sponsors: Penguin Computing, AMD, Adaptive Computing, Aeon Computing, Kove (previously Econnectix), insideHPC, Intersect360 Research, Numascale, QLogic, SICORP, Terascala, Versant, SuperMicro, Xand Marketing and of course


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