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Let's have a new poll. I just closed the previous poll, How would you use a 48 core PC (4P with 12 core Magny-Cours) next to your desk? . The response was good. Almost forty percent of the respondents said "I would run all my applications on this machine (both parallel and sequential)," while twenty two percent responded with "I would use both this machine and a big cluster for my applications." Not surprising based on my previous survey on numbers of cores. About 15% said it depends on the details.

The new poll is on Are you using GPUs for your applications? is return to a previous poll (Are you using/considering GPU accelerated applications?) I am curious to see how much uptake there has been over the past two years.

Finally, we have many other poll topics that you may find interesting. Past polls and other links to surveys can be found on our Survey and Poll page. As always, these are not scientific polls. Were just monkeying around.

From the "other" department

First things first, I put up a new poll. For me, it an intriguing question that reflects a shift in technology: How would you use a 48 core PC (4P with 12 core Magny-Cours) next to your desk? Does ti mean the end to your cluster use? While you are at it, you may want to think about what you would do with 16 cores under your desk? By the end of the year many people will start making this decision with their wallets. As always, past ClusterMonkey polls can be found here.

Now for a bit of shameless self promotion.

I have been writing quite a lot about clusters and HPC, but it has not landed on ClusterMonkey! Not to worry, I have plenty of ClusterMonkey exclusive content in the pipeline. So what do I recommend? Well, let's start with two articles at HPC Community:

  • The Ethernet Cluster - discusses some issues and standards for the upcoming 10 GigE cluster. Yes, there will be 10 GigE clusters, lot's of them.
  • The Cluster Decade - provides a retrospective for the last ten years and discusses why clusters steam rolled everything in sight (almost), but still have challenges.

Moving over to Linux Magazine, I usually write a column each week, but the other week I wrote one I think everyone should read. I'll give you a hint it is about toasters, no HPC needed. If you want to keep abreast of what I write on Linux Magazine sign up for the HPC newsletter.

And finally, I don't know if mentioned it here previously, but I am on twitter. I'm probably the worst at posting things to twitter, so if you do the twit thing, you can read for my low frequency tweets about new articles or news I find particularly interesting (and nothing about my social life, that should tell you something)

Final Exams are just around the corner

It is time to update the poll. In order to get a large sample size, I let the What is the range of cores you use for MPI jobs ? run for a long time. The results are not un-surprising considering other surveys of this type. The first big news is that 55% or users use less that 32 cores. Remind me why we worry about the Top500 again? Perhaps it is that 30% of the respondents that use more than 128 cores. The rest, well it seems there is dearth of applications (15%) that use between 32 and 128 cores.

The new poll is on How Long Do Your Applications Run ? (approximately) I have always wondered about this question and have not seen this as part of many surveys. I know there are applications that run for weeks, but I wonder how much time most applications actually require.

Finally, we have many other poll topics that you may find interesting. Past polls and other links to surveys can be found on our Survey and Poll page.

At long last, a new poll question about compilers. The question was prompted by a surprising post on Joe Landman's The GNU 4.x series seems to be performing surprisingly well -- in one test at least. Update: Joe has posted Fortran results.

The previous poll asked about cluster education. It seems there is a need for everything cluster these days with an emphasis on construction and design techniques. The number of respondents was a record 703! (of course if you do not change the poll question for half a year...) Past polls and other links to surveys can be found as part of our Cluster Links page.

I have created a new poll (look to the right on the main page) as suggested by reader Dries Kimpe. Dries asks, I always wondered how many people are actually using parallel IO. There is much work going on in that area, and every MPI-2 implementation has to support it, but how many people are actually using it? (The same can be said for one-sided messages and lots of other MPI-2 features).

If you are not aware, the MPI-2 standard can be found on the MPI Forumsite. Most of the MPI versions are either on their way or are already MPI-2 compliant.

The Cluster Book Poll had a few surprises. The need for all types of cluster books was the leading choice. I was surprised to see so little interesting cluster application books. Speaking of books, here is book in the works that may be of interest.


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