Final Exams are just around the corner

It is time to update the poll. In order to get a large sample size, I let the What is the range of cores you use for MPI jobs ? run for a long time. The results are not un-surprising considering other surveys of this type. The first big news is that 55% or users use less that 32 cores. Remind me why we worry about the Top500 again? Perhaps it is that 30% of the respondents that use more than 128 cores. The rest, well it seems there is dearth of applications (15%) that use between 32 and 128 cores.

The new poll is on How Long Do Your Applications Run ? (approximately) I have always wondered about this question and have not seen this as part of many surveys. I know there are applications that run for weeks, but I wonder how much time most applications actually require.

Finally, we have many other poll topics that you may find interesting. Past polls and other links to surveys can be found on our Survey and Poll page.

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