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First things first, I put up a new poll. For me, it an intriguing question that reflects a shift in technology: How would you use a 48 core PC (4P with 12 core Magny-Cours) next to your desk? Does ti mean the end to your cluster use? While you are at it, you may want to think about what you would do with 16 cores under your desk? By the end of the year many people will start making this decision with their wallets. As always, past ClusterMonkey polls can be found here.

Now for a bit of shameless self promotion.

I have been writing quite a lot about clusters and HPC, but it has not landed on ClusterMonkey! Not to worry, I have plenty of ClusterMonkey exclusive content in the pipeline. So what do I recommend? Well, let's start with two articles at HPC Community:

  • The Ethernet Cluster - discusses some issues and standards for the upcoming 10 GigE cluster. Yes, there will be 10 GigE clusters, lot's of them.
  • The Cluster Decade - provides a retrospective for the last ten years and discusses why clusters steam rolled everything in sight (almost), but still have challenges.

Moving over to Linux Magazine, I usually write a column each week, but the other week I wrote one I think everyone should read. I'll give you a hint it is about toasters, no HPC needed. If you want to keep abreast of what I write on Linux Magazine sign up for the HPC newsletter.

And finally, I don't know if mentioned it here previously, but I am on twitter. I'm probably the worst at posting things to twitter, so if you do the twit thing, you can read for my low frequency tweets about new articles or news I find particularly interesting (and nothing about my social life, that should tell you something)

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