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Let's have a new poll. I just closed the previous poll, How would you use a 48 core PC (4P with 12 core Magny-Cours) next to your desk? . The response was good. Almost forty percent of the respondents said "I would run all my applications on this machine (both parallel and sequential)," while twenty two percent responded with "I would use both this machine and a big cluster for my applications." Not surprising based on my previous survey on numbers of cores. About 15% said it depends on the details.

The new poll is on Are you using GPUs for your applications? is return to a previous poll (Are you using/considering GPU accelerated applications?) I am curious to see how much uptake there has been over the past two years.

Finally, we have many other poll topics that you may find interesting. Past polls and other links to surveys can be found on our Survey and Poll page. As always, these are not scientific polls. Were just monkeying around.

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