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Cloud seems to be all the buzz right now. So what are you plans for Cloud HPC? Let everyone know by clicking to the right. The previous poll was Are you using GPUs for your applications? We had 138 responses and the leading answer was "Want to try but don't know how to get started." This result could be due to the programming barrier presented by GP-GPUs. It seems 33% of the total respondents had moderate or great success with GP-GPU. Interestingly, 21% just want "cores not GPU." If the "don't know how to get started" crowd were removed, then we have 81 remaining respondents. Of those 57% (46) had general success with GPU. The remaining respondents ("little success with GPUs" and "want cores") totaled 43% (35) and can be assumed outside the GPU camp. Thus, a simple conclusion, GPU seems to be working for over half the HPC market. Of course this conclusion is a guess. Consult professionals for better results.

The new poll, to the right, asks What are your plans for external Cloud HPC . Finally, we have many other poll topics that you may find interesting. Past polls and other links to surveys can be found on our Survey and Poll page. As always, these are not scientific polls. The results are always kind of cloudy.

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