I am sure those of you who have been losing sleep over the fact that our mascot has no name will be happy to know we have moved on to the second and final round. (See the poll to the right) Not only did we have over 150 votes in out first round, we did receive three other name suggestions. (click read more to see the additional names and prizes)

Cluster Monkey Hat (beta)
Dietrich had suggested Coco and Greg Bensinger suggested two ideas, Buster (Buddha-Cluster) and Cluster Chuck (That is with a letter "C"). The new poll reflects these entrees and the two top choices from round one - Cluddha and Walt. The stakes have reached a new high. In addition to an old (but never used) Beowulf Underground T-shirt, the winner will receive one of the new Cluster Monkey hats. The new hat (beta version) is pictured to the right. The guy with the sewing machine is promising they will look as good or better than the beta version, but will include a better haircut. Stay tuned to find out how you can get your very own Cluster Monkey limited edition hat!

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