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I am sure those of you who have been losing sleep over the fact that our mascot has no name will be happy to know we have moved on to the second and final round. (See the poll to the right) Not only did we have over 150 votes in out first round, we did receive three other name suggestions. (click read more to see the additional names and prizes)

Now that the site is on its way, we have an important order of business to complete. Our official mascot has no name. I thought that it would be best to let the community pick the name as I'm not very good at these kinds of things. To get started, I have a survey with five names. I'll include the top name from this survey with any new suggestions contributed from the community. Send me (email form) your suggestion and vote for your favorite. The winner will receive an old, but never worn, Beowulf Underground T-shirt (the gray model -- a real collectors item). Cluster Monkey T-shirts are on the To-Do list.
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