I have created a new poll (look to the right on the main page) as suggested by reader Dries Kimpe. Dries asks, I always wondered how many people are actually using parallel IO. There is much work going on in that area, and every MPI-2 implementation has to support it, but how many people are actually using it? (The same can be said for one-sided messages and lots of other MPI-2 features).

If you are not aware, the MPI-2 standard can be found on the MPI Forumsite. Most of the MPI versions are either on their way or are already MPI-2 compliant.

The Cluster Book Poll had a few surprises. The need for all types of cluster books was the leading choice. I was surprised to see so little interesting cluster application books. Speaking of books, here is book in the works that may be of interest.

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