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The news in this category has been selected by us because we thought it would be interestingto hard core cluster geeks. Of course, you don't have to be a cluster geek to read the news stories.

Sun has released (BSD License) a reference implementation of the Fortress programming language. Fortress is a parallel programming language developed under the DARPA HPCS Program. Fortress is designed (like Fortran was) to work with mathematical functions (almost like you would write them on paper). They have amazing example of the NAS CG benchmark (originally written in Fortran) rewritten in Fortress (pdf). One should note, the code is a command line interpreter. It is intended as a research tool, so don't throw out your Fortran compiler yet. And, no it is not Java. There is an article with more information at c|net news.

The MPI-HMMER team is pleased to announce the release of MPI-HMMER. MPI-HMMER is a multiple-level optimization of the original HMMER 2.3.2 code by Sean Eddy of the HHMI Janelia Farms facility. Our implementation consists of two distinct optimizations: a portably tuned P7Viterbi function as well as an MPI implementation. Our MPI implementation is based on the original PVM HMMER code, with enhancements to improve the scalability and I/O of both hmmpfam and hmmsearch. Both optimizations are independent of one another, allowing future enhancements to be easily added and tested. The MPI implementation exhibits excellent speedups over the base PVM implementation. Further, we provide a verification mode in both hmmpfam and hmmsearch that ensures (at a cost of speed) results are returned in exactly the same order as the serial version.

Now that we are partially recovered from SC06, some accounting of what happened is in order. First, as mentioned, a panel which discussed The Commercialization of Open Source - for better or worse? was held before the annual BeoBash. If you missed the panel, you are in luck because you can hear it in its entiretly on ClusterCast! Take moment to listen to the what the panel had to say, you will find it interesting. Pictures and notes about the BeoBash follow. (Pictures courtesy of Doug Shubert)

Tired of reading? We thought so. Take a break and check out ClusterCast -- a pod cast brought to you by LinuxHPC, WinHPC, and ClusterMonkey. Look for News, Reviews, Discussions, and Information on the only HPC cluster pod cast around. (that we know of) Check it out.


SC06 nears, the BeoBash calls, be part of history.

At SC 1999 in Portland OR a small group rugged individualists gathered in a corner of the the Exposition hall. Passersby were sure they were designing the next cluster break though, but they were doing something far more important. Indeed, it was one of the most difficult decisions they had to make in recent years. Reputations were at stake. It could change the direction of everything.

Beowulf clusters were new and disruptive. There were few clusters on the show floor. A small band of pioneers knew what had to be done. They needed a party for cluster users. Not just any party, a party that made a statement. A party that said, we have arrived. Such is the way of Supercomputing. (click Read more... for details on this years party)

Back to the meeting. They had four sponsors that donated some cash for a party. (Paralogic, Etnus, SCA, Scyld Computing Corporation). The discussion taking place was whether to accept a contribution from Microsoft Research. A decision was made and a tradition begun.

Vendors It is not to late to become a sponsor. Get access to the movers and shakers. As a sponsor, promote your booth prior to SC06 on Cluster Monkey! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Welcome Intel, Etnus, and Penguin/Scyld!


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