On this worst day of the year, I thought it might be interesting to check in on some of the 2006 processor news. First, check the obligatory Intel and AMD road maps. Yes, dual core. More on that later. You may also be interested in an interview about AMD plans for the next year as well. There was also the announcement from Intel about dropping x86 hardware emulation on the Itanium. Reports that software emulation worked just as good seem to make this a valid move, however, it then places the Itanium in position like the much loved Alpha (and death thereof) processor. Seems to me the best technologies are not always the big winners for a number of reasons. I believe Itanium still has some wind in its sails. The technical merits and the Itanium Solutions Alliance may bode well in the future. And from where I sit on this un-glorious Monday morning, it is cold and raining. A little (maybe a lot) of coffee and a review of the important email archives might help.

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