Cluster Notes - 2/6/2006

I thought I would take some time and write a sentence or two with some links about notable news for clusters users. I don't want to get into the "newsfeed " thing since that's not what ClusterMonkey is about. However, I think it's important to note things that may have an influence on clusters. So I probably won't be posting anything about price drops or new motherboards or new BIOS versions.

I'll try to do this every week starting on Mondays. However, if it's a slow week I won't be posting anything. So, let's get on with this week - Feb. 6, 2006, where we take a look at some Cell Processor news.

IBM is demonstrating a new blade server based on the Cell processor. The Cell has some possibilities because of it's architecture. It will be interesting to watch if IBM offers these as commercial products.

Forbes Magazine also has an article on the Cell processor. It focuses on the game box aspect of the chip, but it definitely plays up the performance possibilities in the processor.

Here's some more information about Cell from IBM.

For the curious out there, there is also a nice article on Understanding memory usage on Linux (In case you forgot)

It looks like 10 Gigabit Ethernet just wasn't enough. There is now an effort at 100 Gigabit Ethernet. Hmm... I wonder what the price will be?

Torque is a popular development of PBS (OpenPBS actually). It is open-source project and many, many people use it. They now have a Wiki. If you don't know what a Wiki is, it's a cool concept that allows people to edit web pages. In this case it's for help information for Torque.

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