SC06 nears, the BeoBash calls, be part of history.

At SC 1999 in Portland OR a small group rugged individualists gathered in a corner of the the Exposition hall. Passersby were sure they were designing the next cluster break though, but they were doing something far more important. Indeed, it was one of the most difficult decisions they had to make in recent years. Reputations were at stake. It could change the direction of everything.

Beowulf clusters were new and disruptive. There were few clusters on the show floor. A small band of pioneers knew what had to be done. They needed a party for cluster users. Not just any party, a party that made a statement. A party that said, we have arrived. Such is the way of Supercomputing. (click Read more... for details on this years party)

Back to the meeting. They had four sponsors that donated some cash for a party. (Paralogic, Etnus, SCA, Scyld Computing Corporation). The discussion taking place was whether to accept a contribution from Microsoft Research. A decision was made and a tradition begun.

Vendors It is not to late to become a sponsor. Get access to the movers and shakers. As a sponsor, promote your booth prior to SC06 on Cluster Monkey! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Welcome Intel, Etnus, and Penguin/Scyld!

If you have never been to a BeoBash at SC, you may have missed some history (and beer). Not to worry, you can attend this year at SC06 in Tampa and be part of the scene.

Here are the details:

What: 8th Annual BeoBash
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
When: November 14, 2006
Where: Rock-N-Sports Bar and Grille, 1811 N. 15th Street Ybor City/Tampa, FL

Getting There: Take the streetcar (not the trolley) from the Convention center to first stop in Ybor City (5 minutes). Get off at is 16th St. & 8th Ave., right across from the Rock-N-Sports Bar and Grille. Cost is $2.00 and it runs until 10PM.

Celebrate the success of Beowulf clusters with Beowulf cluster co-inventor Donald Becker at SuperComputing for food and drinks on Penguin Computing and our great co-sponsors.

And if you are interested in the more history about the Beobash and other seminal events, stay tuned, we will be providing more history as SC06 gets closer.

Visit the BeoBash Sponsors at SC06

Gold Sponsors
 Booth #1523
Booth #1523
Booth #435

Booth #435
Bronze Sponsors
Booth #1500
Booth #1500

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