The Open MPI Project has some exciting news to announce. I received an note from Distinguished Monkey Jeff Squyres about some big changes. Jeff is getting a new desk and chair (among other things) and OpenMPI is getting some support from some major players (Cisco, Voltaire, and Sun). The announcement follows.

The Open MPI Project has some exciting news to announce:

1. Anyone watching the "project members" page on the Open MPI web site may have noticed that the Open MPI Project has now picked up some commercial members: Cisco was the first (more details here) and was followed quickly by Voltaire (we didn't do a snazzy press release for Voltaire, but we're tremendously excited about both). Additionally, Sun has announced their intent to join the Project

Vendor participation has been something that we've actively been working towards for the past year. We believe that the Open MPI Project will greatly benefit from leveraging the strengths of both the research community and industry. The goal, as it has been from the beginning of the Open MPI project, is to produce a rock-solid, high-performance MPI implementation that provides production quality to customers and a stable platform for experimentation and development to researchers.

You may also notice that my return address and signature have changed: I am now leading up Cisco's Open MPI efforts.

2. To encourage 3rd party developer and researcher participation in Open MPI, Cisco is hosting an Open MPI Developer's Workshop from April 17-20, 2006 in San Jose, CA, USA. This will be an extremely detailed, technical tutorial about the innards of Open MPI itself. The intended audience is developers who want to work in the Open MPI code base (this is *not* a general MPI tutorial; advanced knowledge of MPI, preferably in the form of implementation experience, is required). registration details are here.

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