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The news in this category has been selected by us because we thought it would be interestingto hard core cluster geeks. Of course, you don't have to be a cluster geek to read the news stories.

Cluster notes 3/13/2006

Some news of note including Tyan's Personal Supercomputer, IBM GPFS, Pathscale's new PCI Express card, Supermicro's new quad opteron board, IBM Cell compiler, and GNU improvements for Itaniuam. Read more for the details and the links.

In the past, you may have seen or read about an effort called "The Cluster Agenda". While it has had a slow start, some solid progress has been made over the last six months. The Agenda initiative has been migrated to a Wiki format

So far, members of the communites have provided a "skeleton" on which to build a community/industry resource like no other. This is YOUR resource. No single person or small group of people can make this initiative as successful as a community. I am therefore inviting the community to contribute to a shared open resource from which all will benefit.

A more detailed description of the initiative (including rationale) is on the Agenda Main Page. The elevator pitch is as follows:

What is the Agenda?

What the Agenda is not.

  • a standards document
  • a buyers guide

Why should I care?

  • The cluster community is vast. Do you know what hardware/software/solutions are available or what projects could help your efforts?
  • When someone new enters the community, where do they look? Where can they find a road map written by those "that have been there before?"

There is more discussion on the Agenda pages. Take a look and contribute. It is actually quite easy.

Cluster Notes - 2/16/2006

Select news stories of the week. We look at Orion Multisystems, quad-core madness, and IBM cell news. Read on for what you really need to know.

Cluster Notes - 2/6/2006

I thought I would take some time and write a sentence or two with some links about notable news for clusters users. I don't want to get into the "newsfeed " thing since that's not what ClusterMonkey is about. However, I think it's important to note things that may have an influence on clusters. So I probably won't be posting anything about price drops or new motherboards or new BIOS versions.

I'll try to do this every week starting on Mondays. However, if it's a slow week I won't be posting anything. So, let's get on with this week - Feb. 6, 2006, where we take a look at some Cell Processor news.

On this worst day of the year, I thought it might be interesting to check in on some of the 2006 processor news. First, check the obligatory Intel and AMD road maps. Yes, dual core. More on that later. You may also be interested in an interview about AMD plans for the next year as well. There was also the announcement from Intel about dropping x86 hardware emulation on the Itanium. Reports that software emulation worked just as good seem to make this a valid move, however, it then places the Itanium in position like the much loved Alpha (and death thereof) processor. Seems to me the best technologies are not always the big winners for a number of reasons. I believe Itanium still has some wind in its sails. The technical merits and the Itanium Solutions Alliance may bode well in the future. And from where I sit on this un-glorious Monday morning, it is cold and raining. A little (maybe a lot) of coffee and a review of the important email archives might help.


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