Welcome to Cluster Monkey. The site for cluster users, builders, designers, and geeks. If you do not fit into any of those categories, don't worry, you can still read Cluster Monkey (we won't hold it against you). In the coming weeks we will be filling out the site with some of the best cluster content, advice, and opinions. Click Read More for the full story.

So who are we? Well, if you remember ClusterWorld Magazine you will recognize us as the editorial crew that brought you the monthly magazine. If you never heard of ClusterWorld, then you missed one fine magazine. (OK, I'm biased). But, don't worry, Cluster Monkey will bring you much of what ClusterWorld had to offer and more.

Faster, Better, Cheaper

Yes, we will be faster, better, cheaper than before. For starters, we hope to provide a constant stream of news and content -- not just once a month like the magazine. We will also try to be better by allowing community members to contribute (See contributing). We also want to do hardware and book reviews for the community. Finally we are free! We will be looking for sponsors very soon, so stay tunned.

What is With the Name?

Now the big question. Why Cluster Monkey? Well it is quite simple actually. After considering all kinds of respectable names like, Cluster Journal, Clusters Today, Cluster Space, etc. it seemed we needed something new and fresh and something that would be easy to remember. After talking to the columnists, Cluster Monkey was the only name that really everyone like but thought was not serious enough. Thus I had to make a decision. My thinking worked like this. Because everyone liked Cluster Monkey, and because, it is a hard name to forget, and because any good marketing person would strenuously object to such a name, I decided it was perfect. Thus, Cluster Monkey was born.

So How does this site work?

Here is the Quick Start:
  • News cluster news, which is basically links to other web pages and press releases.
  • Columns these are topics that are usually written by the dame person about a particular topic.
  • Features Longer stories or opinions about a particular topic.
  • Benchmarks We will benchmark and our goal is clusters, nothing but clusters.
  • Agenda yes the Cluster Agenda is not dead, it is now called The Cluster Documentation Project (CDP).

There will be more, much more, but this is enough to get the monkey jumping.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me -- the Head Monkey.

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