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In keeping with our tradition of timely reporting, we are pleased to release the SC08 Beowulf Bash pictures. Snapshots that were found to be inappropriate for those under the age of 18 have been sent for further review. The party was a huge success. Although, I was a little uncomfortable with the public humiliation by the piano player dude, I don't think anyone will remember anyway.

Nothing stops a cluster geek, not even surgery

As some of you might know I ended up spending a great deal of SC08 either in the hospital or in my hotel room recovering from emergency surgery. Not the best way to spend SC since it only comes once a year, but my body just didn't allow it. However, I did get out a little on the last day to run around the show floor like a mad man.

SC is always a very interesting conference for me for many reasons. I get to see some cool new toys, see old friends, make new ones, and totally geek-out for a week without my family rolling their eyes at me in total embarrassment. So, without further ado, here are my (limited) impressions of SC08

Fear and Loathing in Reno

I usually write a very long detailed summary of the SC, but I'm hoping to make this one a bit shorter. It's not that SC07 wasn't good - it was. It's not that Reno was bad - it was. It's that I'm utterly burned out and still trying to recover. I've never been so tired after a Supercomputer conference before. I actually think that's a good thing (Doug will be expounding on why). If I managed to sleep 4 hours a night, I was lucky. If I manged to actually eat one meal (or something close to it), I had a banquet. But there were some cool things at SC07 and I've hope I do them justice.

I'm still alive!

While that may not be a major accomplishment for many people it is becoming a major accomplishment for me to just survive the day. My kness, back, and feet are sore, swollen, and tired. I know that's the prettiest picture, but I'm getting worn out pretty quickly. But, there are so many cool things happening at the show I just have to suck-it-up and keep going.

So without further ado, let's move on to Day 2 at SC07.

First day at SC07 - Exhausting

SC07 is always an exhausting event. You see lots of neat new stuff and try to learn about it. You see old friends. You make new friends. You drink a lot of... lemonade. This can really wear a person down. Plus this year's SC is in Reno. Everywhere you turn there are slot machines, lots of smoke, lots of alchohol, and sometimes lots of people.

Let's turn our attention to what's going on at SC07



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