Conference Reports

I'm still alive!

While that may not be a major accomplishment for many people it is becoming a major accomplishment for me to just survive the day. My kness, back, and feet are sore, swollen, and tired. I know that's the prettiest picture, but I'm getting worn out pretty quickly. But, there are so many cool things happening at the show I just have to suck-it-up and keep going.

So without further ado, let's move on to Day 2 at SC07.

First day at SC07 - Exhausting

SC07 is always an exhausting event. You see lots of neat new stuff and try to learn about it. You see old friends. You make new friends. You drink a lot of... lemonade. This can really wear a person down. Plus this year's SC is in Reno. Everywhere you turn there are slot machines, lots of smoke, lots of alchohol, and sometimes lots of people.

Let's turn our attention to what's going on at SC07

The Supercomputer (SC) show is always a highlight for HPC people. It's a chance to see old friends in the HPC world, to make new ones, and to see what new stuff companies are announcing. This year's show at Tampa was a bit bland in my opinion. There was no real big theme or announcement. Tamp may sound like a great place, but more on that later.

Regardless of the ho hum SC06, there are always a few good nuggets to talk about. In this wrap-up I'll talk about what I saw at the show and what my opinions are. Please feel free to disagree or tell me what you thought was worthwhile. You can also hear Doug and I discuss SC06 and interview the likes of Don Becker and Greg Lindahl on ClusterCast.

Monday Nov. 13, 2006, was the "gala" opening when all the exhibitors try to out-do one another with cool booths, giveaways, loud speakers, and other bold and many times obnoxious attempts to gain attention. Gala night at SC06 was no different. :)

(Update 11/17/06-9:30AM) The return from sunny Tampa took me right into some nasty weather as I flew into Philadelphia. It was very cool seeing the storm front from above and afar (super cells and all). Once we flew into the storm my mood changed, however. As we touched down people began clapping. A bit premature I thought. Going 200 mph on wet concrete is not my idea of "we made it". We did stop, at which point the clapping had subsided so that everyone on the plane could turn on there cell phones and announce to someone (anyone) they had landed. How we lived without cell phones is beyond me. In any case, I'll be updating our coverage later today. Jeff and I have plenty things to say. Jeff's Day 2 Blog is up and go sign up at ClusterCast to get notified when the SC06 cast is ready. We have interviews from Don Becker, Greg Lindahl, and others. We also will be posting a cast of the Open Source Panel as well.



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