Conference Reports

Jeff's Blog: Day 1

I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much as usual but I'm fighting a good case of pneumonia as well as bronchitis (hint, don't kiss me even if you really, really want to :) ).

However this hasn't stopped your intrepid reporter from working the (a href="">Linux Networx booth (they keep me gainfully emploed and allow me to work on some really cool projects) or attending the occasional late night get together or cruising the vendors on the show floor.

UPDATED 11/21 There is this feeling of overwhelm that hits you at the beginning of SuperComputing. Everyone has an announcement, new products, new relationships. Did I miss something? Should I be talking to these people. Oh, and that Bill Gates Keynote and The Sheryl Crow Concert. Did someone mention Steven Hawking? Wait, I have to get the booth finished up, check email, meet with Sun. Here come some people I know..., but first where was that Starbucks.



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