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Ah, we meet again at the Supercomputer Conference (SC). This year it's in lovely and warm Tampa Florida. I wanted to start my SC06 blog by talking about some of the pre-conference press releases that I have seen that I think are significant. I did bring a camera this year so I hope to also post some pictures from the floor (or the bar). More importantly, however, I have managed to locate about a half-dozen or so Starbuck's around my hotel and the conference area. This is in stark contrast to SC05 in Seattle when I had an extremely difficult time locating a Starbucks anywhere in Seattle :)


The SC conference is always a lot of fun because there are so many cool new things at the show, you get to see people that you have only emailed, you get to see old friends, and you get to "geek out" without too much grief from your family. This year's show was no exception. It was the largest SC conference ever and had lots of new announcements and even included a large presence from Microsoft. Of course, Cluster Monkey has already commented about this turn of events.

This year's SC was a good show. I didn't get to any of the presentations, but I did try to see as much of the show floor as I could. So I want to share with you what I saw and what I learned in talking with the various vendors. However the show floor was huge so I may have to rely on press releases to get me over the hump.

In addition to this summary, which is by no means a complete synopsis of the show, check out Joe Lanman's Blog as well.

Jeff's Blog: Day 3

I managed to find a Starbucks, but I swear it's following me everywhere I go!! To be honest, I don't like Starbucks because I think their coffee tastes like someone burned the beans. However I do like Seattle's Best and I managed to find one in Seattle - just across from Pike's Place Market. I also managed to reacquaint myself with the great Microbrewries that Seattle has. I also like the small glasses you can get so you can try all of the various offerings and still remain upright.

Jeff's Blog: Day 2

I'm still searching for a Stabuck's in Seattle. :) If anyone knows where one is, please let me know. Just in case - this is a joke. You can't walk two feet without finding a Starbucks or at least some sort of coffee place.

I got to walk the floor a bit more on Wednesday and talked to some interesting companies. I was focusing on interconnects because I want to update my interconnect survey article in the near future.

Jeff's Blog: Day 1

I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much as usual but I'm fighting a good case of pneumonia as well as bronchitis (hint, don't kiss me even if you really, really want to :) ).

However this hasn't stopped your intrepid reporter from working the (a href="">Linux Networx booth (they keep me gainfully emploed and allow me to work on some really cool projects) or attending the occasional late night get together or cruising the vendors on the show floor.



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