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The HPC Market has experienced healthy growth over the last decade. Here are ClusterMonkey we are constantly asking questions about the market with our "small polls." We also offer summaries of the HPC market. You can also find links to surveys and our past polls here.

Editors Note: ClusterMonkey has a sponsorsip agreement with Reasearch and Markets whereby we can share summary data from Intersect360 Research reports. Other Survey links and ClusterMonkey Polls can be found here.

The Processors report is part of the Intersect360 Site Census series and provides an examination of the processor use in systems found at a sample of HPC user sites. Intersect360 surveyed a broad range of users about their current computer system installations, storage systems, networks, middleware, and applications software supporting these computer installations.

The goal in this analysis is to examine the processor suppliers, products, and configurations used in high-performance computing systems. Key findings of the Site Census surveys include the following:

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From the "Let's get busy" department

Intersect360 Researchreports the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry rebounded from a poor 2009 with 22.4% growth year-over-year, reaching $25.6 billion in total product and services revenue in 2010. The data can be found in its newly published Worldwide High Performance Computing (HPC) 2010 Total Market Model and 2011-15 Forecast: Overview.

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