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Intersect360 Researchreports the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry rebounded from a poor 2009 with 22.4% growth year-over-year, reaching $25.6 billion in total product and services revenue in 2010. The data can be found in its newly published Worldwide High Performance Computing (HPC) 2010 Total Market Model and 2011-15 Forecast: Overview.

The market research and consulting firm predicts the industry will continue to grow at a 7.0% compound annual growth rate, reaching $36.0 billion in 2015. Above-average growth is predicted to continue in 2011 and 2012 before moderating to sustainable growth rates in the outer years of the forecast.

"This high growth rate is reflective of the worldwide economy beginning its recovery sooner than we had initially expected," said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. "During the recession we saw very long sales cycles that pushed acquisitions out of 2009. Those sales cycles began shortening again in 2010, resulting in a very strong year."

In its HPC market model and forecast, Intersect360 Research provides guidance for both High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) applications in science and engineering and High Performance Business Computing (HPBC) applications in nonscientific business areas such as financial services, logistics, online games, and insurance. Intersect360 Research says that HPTC applications comprised 69% of the total market revenue in 2010, with HPBC contributing the remaining 31%.

"We have found that HPTC and HPBC behave differently, and HPBC is an important growth area for technology companies in the overall HPC market," said Christopher Willard, Chief Research Officer of Intersect360 Research. "While near-term HPTC growth in government and academia may be restricted in the U.S. by the current budgetary climate, we see industry leading the continued recovery."

The overview document will be the first in a series of forecast reports. It provides actual (2007 - 2010) and forecasted (2011 - 2015) revenue figures for servers, storage, services, software, and networks, segmented into HPTC and HPBC. The projected growth rates differ by product category and by application class. Upcoming reports will provide additional detailed segmentations, including specific vertical market segments, economic sector (government, industry, academia), server class (entry-level through supercomputer), and geographical regions.

An Executive Summary of this report is available for download from Intersect360 Research.

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