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The news in this category has been selected by us because we thought it would be interestingto hard core cluster geeks. Of course, you don't have to be a cluster geek to read the news stories.

A recent file system benchmark article in the Linux gazette by Justin Piszcz is a follow up to his first article where he tested EXT2, EXT3, JFS, ReiserFS3, and XFS using a 2.4.26 kernel. His latest review uses the same hardware, Kernel 2.6.14 and adds ReiserFS4. While, some have noted his hardware is dated and that some filesystems are designed for todays faster hardware, the comparison is valuable data point none the less. The short story, he likes XFS.

A spate of processor news seems to have hit us in late summer. No doubt due to the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) where Intel introduced a revamped processor strategy of sorts. Front row coverage can be found here. Did I here someone say performance/watt! Not to be outdone, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba announced more details on the Cell Processor. You can find different forms of documentation at two sites: IBM (registration required for some information) and Sony. Funny, they released this information on the last day of IDF. Timing is everything they say. And AMD? Well seems they have the goods for now and are ready to prove it.
Thomas Sterling, parent of Beowulf clustering, has moved to LSU to work on change computing by "one to three orders of magnitude". A story is here. Louisiana State University is home to the Center for Computation and Technology, one of those "build them and see if they will come cluster supercomputing centers". Well, I guess they did come.
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The Council on Competitiveness has released its latest survey on HPC Software. If you recall last year they did a survey on HPC Users where software was found to be one of the "hold backs" to the market.


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