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Applications are what make computing happen.

Opinions are like clusters, everybody should have one. Well we have clusters and opinions in this category. We also welcome your feedback. Registered users can comment on articles including opinions.

This Section is for the roll up your sleeves kind of person. If you like to try things for yourself, this category is for you.

Finance is one area where clusters have actually earned some big money. We also cover some of the Wall Street conference in our Conference Reports section.

Clusters are used quite extensively in the Molecular Dynamics (MD) area. Most MD applications scale quite well on Ethernet based clusters.

Cluster interconnects are the key to good performance. Understanding what type of interconnect works best for your application can make a big difference in both cost and performance.

By definition, all clusters are unique computing machines. The possible combinations of hardware, software and user requirements makes designing an optimum cluster difficult, but certainly not impossible given some background and rules of thumb.

Let's take a deeper look at some key technologies. Each article provides the important background you need (and links) to explore further.

Data Science covers many topics including machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other techniques that attempt to learn from data.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a highly technical sector. Performance matters. From administration, to systems designers, to software engineers, we like to call it "High-Tec Hardball" (in reference to American baseball). This type of computing now covers technical/scientific, data analytics, and deep learning. These Cluster Monkey features will help you begin (or scale) your high-tech career.


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