High Performance Careers

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a highly technical sector. Performance matters. From administration, to systems designers, to software engineers, we like to call it "High-Tec Hardball" (in reference to American baseball). This type of computing now covers technical/scientific, data analytics, and deep learning. These Cluster Monkey features will help you begin (or scale) your high-tech career.

Give your HPC resume a performance boost by creating a Resume Profile

If your job search was a parallel program, then your resume would be the code that outputs interviews. You wouldn’t want to scale up your job count until your code is optimized and bug free, right?

An inefficient resume can cause you a lot of wasted time, extending your job search out for several months. Sure, brute forcing your job search by sending out 100’s of resumes will typically land you a job, eventually. But it’s likely that you will burn-out before then, or get into a “I’ll take anything I can get” mindset.

So what can you do to optimize your resume to increase your interview rate?

There are several ways, but one stands out in my book as the most important, and that is adding a resume profile at the top of your resume.


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