The following categories are continuing columns about specific HPC cluster topics. If you are new to clusters, check out Getting Started With Clusters by Robert Brown. If you are interested in learning how to program clusters, check out MPI Monkeyby Jeff Squyres. We also cover cluster file systems, administration, the Grid, and summarize past discussions on the Beowulf Mailing List.

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Want to write programs for a cluster? Here is your chance. MPI implementer and cluster workhorse Jeff Squyres guides you through the nuances of writing MPI programs with a set of outstanding tutorials. Unlike other MPI tutorials, Jeff addresses cluster issues and optimizations. Just dive in, you don't even need a cluster to get started.

Don't know a thing about clusters. Not to worry. Prodigious cluster scrivener Robert Brown is here to present the basics in a clear and concise set of introductory columns (and then some). Welcome to High-tech hardball.

Taming 100 nodes of number hungry processors is BIG job. Join Dan Stanzione as he guides you through the issues and challenges of a cluster administrator. And, yes, sleeping through he night as a cluster admin is possible.

Cluster file systems are hot. What good is 1000 processors if you can't write to a file without clogging your network or server. Learn about the issues and experiences of parallel file systems with Distinguished Cluster Monkey Jeff Layton as your guide.

Clusters, Grids, and Clouds what's the difference. In a word, plenty. Learn about the Globus Grid Project and HPC Cloud computing. They both offer the user a "cluster", but they are not the same.

Don't have time to read the Beowulf List Archives. No problem, our resident List Lurker (and contributor) Jeff Layton has you covered. Our Best of the Beowulf List column provides a convenient readers Digest Version with important links!

We are going to be honest here. Writing parallel codes is not simple. You can learn the mechanics of writing MPI codes from Jeff Squyres MPI Monkey column,but what about the computer science? Or more specifically, how are you going to make sure your code runs faster on multiple processors? Join Pavel Telegin and Douglas Eadline as they explain the issues and the answers.

The HPC Market has experienced healthy growth over the last decade. Here are ClusterMonkey we are constantly asking questions about the market with our "small polls." We also offer summaries of the HPC market. You can also find links to surveys and our past polls here.

Apache Hadoop is a platform for managing large amounts of data. It includes many tools and applications under one framework.


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