The following are the Beowulf Bash (#BeowulfBash) Invitations going back to 2008. The Beowulf Bash is a fun open community event held each year at the annual SC (SuperComputing) conference. We included the 2007 LECCIBIG because it was a fun time, if we remember correctly. Click on any invitation to see a larger image and read the witty text!

And don't for get to attend this years Beowulf Bash!.


Beowulf Bash SC08

Beowulf Bash SC09


Beowulf Bash SC10


Beowulf Bash SC11


Beowulf Bash SC12


Beowulf Bash SC13


Beowulf Bash SC14


Beowulf Bash SC15


Beowulf Bash SC16


Beowulf Bash SC17


Beowulf Bash SC18


Beowulf Bash SC19


Beowulf Bash SC21 (remote)


Beowulf Bash SC22


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