The Changing Landscape of HPC has Created New Opportunities for Leadership…Perhaps the Frontier of HPC is Closer Than you Think.

As HPC continues to grow in academic, government, and commercial sectors, one might wonder just who are the current movers and shakers of the HPC industry and community? In the past, the government labs certainly took on this role and blazed the commodity HPC trail. These days, however, those pushing the HPC market and the technology are not necessarily pushing top performance, but are rather expanding and improving HPC application spaces. HPC headlines traditionally speak of petaflops, colliding galaxies, and folding proteins — all important stuff — but the growth of HPC in other areas, such as design or manufacturing, are equally as important and just as interesting. Unfortunately, many of these HPC application leaders are known only within their respective domains. Perhaps you know of someone who should be sharing their experience and know-how with the rest of the HPC community. In fact, it could be you!

Recently, Intersect360 Research announced the formation of the HPC500, an exclusive community of HPC user organizations that bring the best of their areas of specialization together to help guide and shape the industry. The HPC500 is not a list or a benchmark competition, but rather a community that represents a cross-section of academic, government, and commercial organizations across all budgets, applications, and geographic areas, which can include both High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) and High Performance Business Computing (HPBC). According to Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell, "These are the organizations who bring high performance computing technology to bear on challenging problems in science, engineering, and business, and whose insights will help guide the course of development for the HPC industry as a whole."

Meaningful conversations are the bedrock of any community, and the HPC500 is designed to share insights and best practices among members through exclusive communications, live events, and receptions. In turn, the knowledge shared within the prestigious group will form the basis of Intersect360 Research's industry insights, many of which have been shared with the HPC community at large.

It seems the HPC500 is well on its way, as 50 members have already been selected. Submitting your organization is as simple as filling out a brief HPC500 Application Form. Sorry, vendors need not apply, the HPC500 is designed for end-user organizations only. Selection of members will continue throughout 2012 and once the target of 500 members is reached, admission will be limited to filling vacancies. Most importantly, the HPC500 is designed to reflect a real cross-section of the market, not just the sites with the biggest or fastest HPC systems, but from all levels of HPC. The spectrum of current members reflects this goal:

  • 20 are commercial organizations (13 with HPTC applications, 7 HPBC), 19 are academic or non-for-profit, and 11 are government organizations.
  • 25 are based in the U.S. or Canada; 14 are based in Europe, Middle East, or Africa (EMEA); nine are based in Asia Pacific (including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand); and two are based in Latin America (including Mexico).
  • Nine have supercomputing budgets of over $5.0 million per year; 15 have high-end HPC budgets of $1.0 million to $4.9 million per year; 15 have mid-range HPC budgets of $100,000 to $999,999 per year, and 11 have entry-level HPC budgets under $100,000 per year.

As mentioned, HPC500 members enjoy numerous benefits, including free access to Intersect360 Research's market data; insightful discussions with other like-minded members of the HPC500; exclusive receptions at industry conferences; and quarterly members-only conference calls on industry trends and HPC topics of interest.

In addition, acceptance into the HPC500 is also about recognizing those men and women with the right HPC stuff. If you and your organization are plowing new ground and/or have successfully used HPC to solve important problems, Intersect360 Research wants to hear from you, which means that the whole market will eventually hear what you have to say. It's about time.

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