Massive Storage Systems and Technology Conference (MSST) Announces Distinguished Keynoters and 5-Day Agenda of Notable Speakers At-scale storage in the age of AI and next gen storage to dominate 35th annual conference agenda.

Santa Clara, California, April 8, 2019 – The Massive Storage Systems and Technology Conference (MSST) today announced keynote speakers Margo Seltzer and Mark Kryder, along with a five-day agenda of invited and peer research talks and tutorials, May 20-24 in Santa Clara, California. Now on its 35th conference, MSST is the premiere large-scale storage conference that focuses on current challenges and future trends in distributed storage system technologies, drawing a diverse group of system designers and implementers, storage architects, researchers, and vendors from both industry and academia.

MSST operates as a single-track conference and has a proud history of high-quality technical talks focused on applying and designing massive storage. Key 2019 conference themes include: storage in the age of AI, addressing the gaps between storage needs and haves, user requirements of storage at scale, resilience at scale, and next generation and future storage systems. This year’s agenda includes one day of tutorials, two days of invited papers, and two days of peer-reviewed research papers. Past conference topics have included Emerging Open Source Storage System Design for Hyperscale Computing, Leveraging New Persistent Memory Technologies for Scalability, and How Can Extreme-Scale Storage Systems Support Containerization? Past speakers have included Gary Grider, High Performance Computing Division Leader Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dr. Kimberly Keeton, Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jeff Bonwick, VP and CTO, DSSD at Dell EMC, EMC DSSD, and Scott Miller, Technology Fellow at Dreamworks Feature Animation.

“MSST 2019 will focus on current challenges and future trends in distributed storage system technologies,” said Meghan Wingate McClelland, Communications Chair of MSST. “These include persistent memory, new memory technologies, long-term data retention (tape, optical disks, etc.), solid state storage (flash, MRAM, RRAM, etc.), software-defined storage, OS- and file-system technologies, cloud storage, big data, and data centers (private and public).”

Margo Seltzer, the Canada 150 Research Chair in Computer Systems and the Cheriton Family Chair in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, will kick off the conference with the Tuesday keynote on the Importance of Provenance. Margo is the author of several widely-used software packages including database and transaction libraries and the 4.4BSD log-structured file system, and was founder and CTO of Sleepycat Software, the makers of Berkeley DB. Margo is currently an Architect at Oracle Corporation.

Mark Kryder, award-winning researcher, distinguished lecturer, and Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, will present Wednesday’s keynote on A Perspective on the Past and Future of Magnetic Hard Drives. Mark is responsible for having started work on perpendicular recording, full disk encryption, and Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR), while Senior Vice President, Research and CTO at Seagate. Kryder’s Law, which observed that the pace of magnetic desk areal storage density increased much faster than the two-year doubling time of semiconductor chip density posited by Moore’s Law, is named after Mark. MSST is seeking conference sponsors as it seeks to grow the event beyond its typical 200 participants, who travel worldwide to attend. The conference will be held at the Santa Clara University campus in Silicon Valley, California, with early bird registration available through May 7.

About the Massive Storage Systems and Technology Conference MSST was founded in 1974 by the leading national laboratories of the time and has grown to be the premier international venue to share best practices and discuss building and securing the world’s largest storage systems for high performance computing, hyperscale, and enterprises. Attendees include massive-scale storage system designers and implementors, storage architects, researchers, and vendors, who gather each year for five days of high-quality tutorials, invited papers, and peer-reviewed research papers. For more information visit

Contact Meghan Wingate McClelland, Communications Chair, MSST Board of Directors

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