The Bash is Back! After a two year Covid respite, the Bash is back live in Dallas for 2022. And, this year we are all about FLOP (sorry Top) Gun: Maverick the hugely poplar sequel (remake?) with old timey jets, a contrived mission, death-star like trench, all sorts of contorted nosebleed high-G maneuvers, unseen bad guys, and a little ground fighting just for fun. We are all in. What's not to like!

IMPORTANT: We know Covid is not over (we are science types afterall) and want everyone to be safe. For that reason, we are inviting all attendees to take the HPC Community Covid Safety Pledge

Now the fun parts. First, you can go to the Beowulf Bash Page and check out our extra snarky invite. There will be jet fighting (simulated, sorry) and a laser tag contest where you can work on becoming the Top Gun, refreshments, a band and a place you can talk with your friends (we provide a quiet room).

The live action event begins at 9pm Monday, November 14, right after SC’s Opening Gala. We'll be flying the jets at Gilley’s Dallas – 1135 Botham Jean Blvd.

Last but not least, you can also meet the new Beowulf Foundation Mascot "Potato."

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