The 2021 Beowulf Bash has gone hybrid. We were looking forward to a face-to-face event, but the never ending pandemic situation has caused us to change course. In any case, like last year we will have a Zoom based get together with some flash panels to discuss the following interesting topics:
  • Composable Computing - Will the next generation of HPC computing be built-to-order at run time? Dynamic infrastructure represents a new way provision just the right amount of bare-metal hardware for your application. This panel will discuss the concept of composable computing and how it can used in HPC.
  • RISC-V For HPC Open ISA RISC-V processors are beginning to arrive in many different vertical markets. What are the latest designs and roadmaps to this the new processor for HPC?
  • Benchmarking For HPC Since the beginning of HPC, benchmarks, like the Top500, have been historically important. This panel will discuss modern benchmarking strategies and resources in today's changing HPC landscape.
We will also break away and visit the on-site Bash where we will be holding an old-school Bash at a local and possibly respectable establishment. Registration information (for both the Zoom and on-site event) and an event time-line can be found by signing up on the snarky invite. (BTW: We are also collecting some basic demographics on the registration this year.)

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