How to contribute to ClusterMonkey
The following is guide to submitting HTML content to the website. Please note that Cluster Monkey will support only the basic HTML elements outlined below. Much of the final formating is done by the CMS (content management system). An example HTML file is available here.

IMPORTANT: You must be a registered user of Cluster Monkey in order to have your article published.

Contact Information:
At the beginning of each file, you must include, your name, email address, and phone number. Please note on whose behalf you are submitting the article (as an Individual, Company, Academic, Government) This information WILL NOT be public or appear in your article.

Article Title:
A title should be provided with each submission. Place <H1>,</H1> tags around the title.

Subtitle may be included but is not necessary. It should be surrounded with <H2></H2> tags.

The authors name must be the same as the name registered on the ClusterMonkey website.

All heading are to use <H3></H3> tags

Paragraphs are to be separated by <P> tags.

Italic and Bold Placement:
Use <I>,</I> for italic and <B>,</B> for bold. Please keep italic and bold use to a minimum.

Use <UL>,</UL> or <OL>,</OL> tags for lists.

Tables must use standard HTML table markup. For example, the following is an example of a table:

<TABLE cellpadding="2" cellspacing="3" border="1" align="center">
   <TH> Headling 1, row one</TH>
   <TH> Headling 2, row one</TH>
   <TD> column 1, row one</TD>
   <TD> column 2, row one</TD>
    <TD> column 1, row two</TD>
    <TD> column 2, row two</TD>

Source Code:
Source code should be surrounded by <PRE></PRE> tags. Use <TT></TT> when refefring to code items in normal text.

 1 #include <stdio.h>
 2 #include <mpi.h>
 4 int main(int argc, char **argv) {
 5   int rank, size;
 7   MPI_Init(&argv, &argv);
 8   MPI_Comm_size(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &size);
 9   MPI_Comm_rank(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &rank);
10   printf("Hello, world.  I am %d of %d.\n", rank, size);
11   MPI_Finalize();
12   return 0;
13 }

All extra information should go in sidebars. In particular, if you have a list of resources or URLS, please place them in sidebars. And example sidebar follows. You can reference the sidebar in you page by placing an:

 <A name="SIDEBAR1"> 

tag in the sidebar and the referencing the sidebar by using

<A href="/#SIDEBAR1"> See Sidebar One</A> 

tag in the text.

<TABLE border="0" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" ALIGN="RIGHT" WIDTH="50%">
    <TD><A name="SIDEBAR1"><B>Sidebar One: Resources</B></TD>
      Tom Sterling's <a href="
      06/breakthroughs_01.html">Beowulf Breakthroughs</a>
     <a href="">Beowulf mailing list 
     and Web Page</a>
     Book: <I>How to Build a Beowulf</I>, by Sterling, Salmon, Becker,
     Savarese, MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-69218-X

All external links can be put in place. Links to other ClusterMonkey pages need to use the full ClusterMonkey URL. For example:

You can contact the Head Monkey by clicking
<a href="">

If the number of equations is small, equations are best handled by creating images and including them in the text. You can create equations in HTML by using tools such as this.

All image files should submitted with the HTML document or a URL that points to where the image can be obtained. Our CMS requires that the image be local, so we need a copy. Image <IMG> tags should indicate where the image should be placed in the text. Use only ALT and SRC attributes. For example:

<IMG ALT="ClusterMonkey Logo" SRC="cm_logo.jpg">

Other Formating:
Please check with the Editor if you have other formating/linking issues.

Cluster Monkey is a community web site. As such, we welcome contributions from all community members. Our goal is to provide well written and topical content that helps educate and assist the growing cluster computing community.

Editorial Process

Though our name may sound a bit whimsical, Cluster Monkey is a focused and serious website (well, for the most part anyway). To ensure quality content, the site will use an simple editorial process. The process will work as follows.

The Editor-in-chief (Head Monkey) will control the front page stories and publication dates of all content. In addition, the editor-in-chief will approve all submissions, and provide the final edit (if needed) of all submitted material.

In addition to the Editor-in-chief, there are Senior Editors, (Distinguished Monkeys). These are individuals who have published quality content on a consistent basis. These individual have also agreed to assist with some of the editorial management.

We want your input! Clusters are vast and ever changing endeavor. Your experience is valuable and may earn you some money (and possibly the coveted Distinguished Monkey status – see below) Keep in mind, all submissions will be screened for content, relevance, and balance.

We also accept cluster news and press releases. Please submit these directly to the Head Monkey. Simple HTML or ASCII text formated press releases will get published quickly.

The best way to get your article published is to send the Head Monkey a short abstract of your article (also mention your background). Please do not send entire articles and expect them to be published. It is best to develop the article with the guidance of the editors. And finally, be patient, we get busy at times.

Accepted articles must be in HTML and follow the guidelines as outlined here. Failure to follow these guidelines will delay your article from being published.

How to Become a Distinguished Monkey (Senior Editor)

By getting an article approved for publication on Cluster Monkey, you will achieve "Somewhat Distinguished Monkey" (Writer) status . If you have three articles published over the course of a year and agree to help with some of the editorial duties, you will achieve "Distinguished Monkey" status. Please note, if you have published articles about clusters in the past, you may be eligible for Distinguished Monkey status after one successful submission.

Payment for Your Content

Although we make no promises, we hope to compensate writers for their contributions to this site through site sponsorship (banner advertisement and such). The basic formula will be as follows. Each quarter we will add up the sponsorship amounts and deduct an operating fee for the site. The remainder will be distributed on a percentage basis. Each writers percentage will be determined by the percentage of words they contributed to the total word count for that period.

You can request a Memorandum of Understanding that describes this relationship in a bit more detail.

Finally, as this is a community site, our foremost goal is to support the community. We will endeavor to get sponsors, but make not promises that anyone will get paid for their contributions. Of course, Distinguished Monkey status is priceless.


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