A quick note about some cool new features we are adding to ClusterMoneky. First, we have a new white paper repository. This repository will provide exclusive content that is only available to registered users. Registering on ClusterMonkey is simple (read below for more information on the registration rationale). If you have not already, go to the Registration Page and register (Name, email, and password, that is it!). When you are logged in, a "Downloads" item will appear in the blue main menu box on the left side of the page.

When you click on the "Downloads" link, you will be able to download:

  • Introducing Limulus Hadoop - Learn about the capabilities of a true desk-side Hadoop workstation. Complete with benchmarks.
  • The Limulus HPC Appliance - Learn about the exciting capabilities of the cool, quiet, and fast personal HPC appliance. Includes HPL and NAS benchmarks
  • HPC for Dummies (2nd Edition) - a freely available book from AMD published a few years ago. Provides a good intro to HPC.
More papers and exclusive content will be available in the future.

Why Register?

For years ClusterMonkey has provided good technical content to the HPC cluster community. We have intentionally not gone the way of many mainstream websites by adding advertisements, one paragraph pages, and links everywhere. Indeed, our articles are often full of helpful links, diagrams, and references. Our pages have always been and will continue to be "information dense." We only page-break really long articles into multiple pages for convenience and we keep banner advertisements to a minimum. We also have never required any form of registration for reading articles -- a policy we will continue to honor. Registration has always been required to comment on articles, however.

The main reason for gathering your email address is simple. We are going to start providing bi-monthly newsletters (every two months) to our registered users. Like the website, these newsletters will be information dense with minimal advertising. Our goal is to provide good "hands-on/how-to" actionable content that helps the HPC community. Starting in mid-2015 some ClusterMonkey content will be exclusively published in the newsletters. After 45 days the content will be available on the main site.

When you register, you will asked if you want our newsletters -- we are creating both an HPC and Hadoop newsletter. You can of course, opt-out of the newsletters and just download any content in our Downloads section or pick one or both newsletters (give them a try in any case). As always, you can just continue to read ClusterMoneky without registering.

Also, we will not use your personal information for anything other than sending our newsletter and/or communicating important site information to our registered users. We actually have a Privacy Policy if you want to read it.

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