Intel and Micron just announced a new type of memory that does not use transistors. Called 3D Xpoint memory, the new technology is reported to be 1,000 times faster in both read and write than NAND, as well ten times more dense with 1000 times more endurance. If this is true and the price is right a real disruption awaits the industry. The performance numbers are orders of magnitude over anything else (HP memristor where are you?).

Intel states that it not a phase-change memory process, a memristor technology, or a spin-transfer torque technique. Get more details here: What a New Class of Memory Means for Future Applications (The Platform).

Editors Note: The stories and articles have slowed to a trickle because of this: Hadoop 2 Quick-Start Guide. The book is now in production so more Monkey goodness shall be forthcoming.

Update: Intel has announced Optane branded drives and memory sticks built using Xpoint memory. Get more details from the Platform article: Intel Reveals Plans For Optane 3D XPoint Memory

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