Want to become a cluster ninja and move one step closer to that world domination goal? If you answered, yes, your opportunity awaits this Spring and Summer. One might consider this a shameless plug, but in the interest of world domination (yours not mine) I invite you to take a look at the upcoming raft of advanced cluster short courses. These courses are brought to you by the ARC at Georgetown University. More information can be found at the ARC HPC Training Page. Here is a list of the scheduled courses:

  • April 17-20 Introduction Beowulf Design, Planning, Building and Administration
  • June 4-5 Advanced Sun Grid Engine
  • June 6-8 Intermediate Beowulf Administration and Optimization
  • June 11-13 Advanced Condor Job Scheduler Configuration and Administration
  • July 16-20 Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Programming
Class size is limited, so if you have interest, sign up early. I'm slated to teach the Intermediate Administration and Optimization course. I grade on a curve.

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