As part of this years ISC-19 a new Top500 list has been posted. There was very little churn at the top of the list, however the entire list is now Peta-flop scale systems. In addition, the number 136 system was an AWS cloud based cluster. There has been some buzz as to whether a cloud based system violates the Top500 rule of not allowing "stunt" clusters to be ranked on the list. The intention is that the cluster should be permanent and used for production work after the list publication.

It was also another good year for HPC according to our friends at Intersect360:

This was a solid year for the HPC market, although there was some variability between categories. The total HPC market revenue was $36.1 billion in 2018, growing 3.2% over 2017. Public cloud consumption for HPC had a second strong year, with 16.0% growth. Spending on HPC servers grew 9.1%, driven in large part by end users shifting to more computationally rich environments, fueled greatly by new requirements in machine learning. HPC services declined, due to a number of market trends including: competition with the cloud and bundling of services with server sales.

More information can be found here. Full reports can be purchased by contacting sales(you know what foes here)

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