There is fast, then there is Scalable fast

Other people outside of HPC like fast computers and storage. One of these groups are the Wall Street mavens who operate on a simple premise "fast makes more money than slow." Recently, super really fast storage vendor Scalable Informatics had their siFlash and JackRabbit boxes tested by STAC (Securities Technology Analysis Center) and the results were quite impressive. The actual results are described in reports KDB130528 and KDB130529, which are only available to STAC members. There is a summary on the STAC Website which provides a summary and some additional information.

Briefly, Scalable’s siFlash system set several records, including the fastest response time in the NBBO (National Best Bid and Offer) and Write benchmarks compared to all publicly disclosed results to date for all systems on version 2.8 of the kdb+ database, as well as the best performance in 5 of 17 benchmarks. Of particular note, siFlash delivered over 2x the performance of the previous best published results for the MKTSNAP benchmark using spinning disk or flash technology. JackRabbit delivered the second fastest response time in the NBBO test, coming in less than one second behind the siFlash system.

The Scalable siFlash system used for the tests was model SF4-T64b server with 64 Smart Storage Optimus SSDs and 512 GB RAM in 4U. The Scalable’s JackRabbit is a model JR4-T60b server with 40 Hitachi SATA drives and 20 Sandisk Pliant SLC SSDs in 4U. Both systems used CentOS 6.3 with the xfs filesystem and 2 x 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2687W 3.10 GHz CPUs.

It would seem in Scalable's case, fast is fast and whether it is HPC or Wall Street, moving bits as fast as possible is a good thing

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