The industry leading PathScale Compiler has found a new home at SiCortex. For those of you who don't know, SiCortex has engineered a Linux supercomputing cluster from the silicon up -- interesting technology. PathScale’s compiler team, along with certain intellectual property and business agreements, will join SiCortex. Fred Chow, who heads up the PathScale team at QLogic, will join SiCortex as director of compiler engineering.

The past acquisition of PathScale by QLogic left some questions as to the future of the PathScale compiler as QLogic was clearly interested in the InfiniPath adapter. While the SiCortex machine is based on the MIPS64 architecture (as was the original PathScale compiler) and uses the MIPS64 PathScale compiler, the X86_64 support will continue. You can relax, the PathScale Compiler has found a good home in the HPC world. The full press release (pdf) is here.

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