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One of my favorite projects, Open-MX just announced the final release of version 1.3.0. There are only some very minor changes since the last release candidate, mostly a fix for a latency regression. The 1.2.x branch is officially no longer maintained and upgrade to 1.3.0 is strongly recommended.

What is Open-MX You Ask?

Open-MX is a high-performance implementation of the Myrinet Express message-passing stack over generic Ethernet networks. It provides application-level with wire-protocol compatibility with the native MXoE (Myrinet Express over Ethernet) stack.

The following middleware are known to work flawlessly on Open-MX using their native MX backend thanks to the ABI and API compatibility: Open MPI, Argonne's MPICH2/Nemesis, Myricom's MPICH-MX and MPICH2-MX, PVFS2, Intel MPI (using the new TMI interface), Platform MPI (formerly known as HP-MPI), and NewMadeleine.

As soon as time allows, I plan on doing some testing on the new Open-MX version. I have used previous versions and they work quite well.

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