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Some recent news that arrived in my in box. Intersect360 Research, a leading market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice for the High Performance Computing industry, announced today that it has hired Michael Feldman, a 35-year computer industry veteran, to augment its analyst team.

Feldman, recognized as an expert in the HPC industry worldwide, is well-known as the former managing editor of HPCwire, where he spent eight years as one of the foremost predictors of HPC trends. Feldman was also the co-host, along with Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell, of the insightful and popular weekly HPCwire Soundbite podcast.

Having worked with Michael as a close partner for years, I already know what an established expert he is in HPC,” said Snell. “More importantly, he is universally esteemed by buyers and makers of HPC technology as one of the preeminent names in HPC.

With the addition of Feldman to its analyst team, Intersect360 Research is poised to advance its profile even further as the leading source of market-driven, end-user-based research in the HPC space. In addition to his broad knowledge of the entire HPC industry, Feldman brings an in-depth knowledge of processor technologies, including the emerging field of accelerators. Feldman will contribute to Intersect360 Research’s syndicated research reports as well as to client-specific deliverables such as white papers, webinars, and consulting engagements.

I am excited to be joining such a talented team of individuals and am looking forward to bringing my expertise to Intersect360 Research’s business,” said Feldman. “High Performance Computing has grown into a very diverse and complex market, making the analyst's job especially challenging and more important than ever for HPC vendors and users.

Previous to his tenure at HPCwire, Feldman spent a number of years as a programmer and analyst at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and later as a software engineer with Aonix Corporation. He also developed software tools for the US Department of Defense and other government agencies across a variety of hardware platforms. Feldman holds a B.S. degree in Microbiology from the University of Maryland and a B.S in Computer Science from Chapman University. He resides in Napa, California.

Personally, I have enjoyed Michael's writing and insights into the HPC industry. Good things ahead. Me thinks.

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